A Good Musicality Week

Last eve I spoke with the Director of the Dayton New Horizons Band, and I will be performing with them as 3rd Chair Oboe for the coming season!  We talked and shared many things, including my feelings of being called to a ministry of music.  H wrote to me this morning:

Our conversation was inspirational. Your desire to master an instrument, your desired outcomes and your preparation planning are outstanding. We will be honored to accompany you on this important journey…

We also spoke about the possibility of starting a Winds Ensemble, and he seemed quite excited about my thoughts of a music ministry.  It seems that there are many possibilities.  Many people I’m associated with in music also are excited about the call to a ministry.

I also have the good fortune to have been awarded two grants totaling $700 to cover the costs of next month’s Oboe Week Intensive at Dana School of Music.  This is going to be a great week with Dr. Mark Ostoich from CCM.  So it’s been a pretty heady week, and I cannot help but think God is at work in this.

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