Day to top the week… Updated

It’s not been a good week musically for me.  First off my lesson, which was rescheduled from last week to Monday, had to be canceled again because there was a fire at a house near my apartment and the street was blocked off.  Couldn’t get out of my own parking lot… Missed opportunity number one.

Then today, while at band practice, my oboe somehow escaped me and did a complete facepalm to the floor, bending my low C, C3/Db keys and the Eb lever into a mashup.  This resulted in a second lesson missed – not even reeds – and a hastily m16142818_1293057994065903_2875211797280770434_nade trip to Indianapolis and to the wondrous shop of Carlos Coelho, oboe fixer extraordinaire.  A 96 mile trip, it took me a bit over 90 minutes each way; and when I got there Carlos, barehanded and wielding his mini hammer, bent back the keys and had it fixed in under 10 minutes.  Everything plays well and all keys are in tune.  Praise be to God.

But the lesson I was to have today was to practice a piece for a funeral tomorrow.  Update: I did play this morning at the service.

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