Product Review: Hercules Flute/Clarinet Stand

Yes, a Flute/Clarinet stand.  Hercules does not advertise an instrument stand specifically for oboe, but this is it and the one you want.  Period.

I just recently bought this instrument stand after having an accident with my Loree oboe; loreeobstand__04804-1340134262-1280-1280though not blaming it entirely, I do believe part of the problem was in using a flimsy plastic Loree oboe stand, which I have found to not be as secure and steady as I would like for my AK.  I did some research on other instrument stands on the net, including K&M, but felt the Hercules looked the most stable.  And it is.

The Hercules Model DS640BB comes with a telescoping velvet-covered peg which is advertised as for a clarinet or flute, but fits an oboe perfectly.  The fold-out legs are made of sturdy metal, and are extremely stable and I would argue completely prevent the stand from tipping over.ds640bb_1_hr

What I really like, however, is the peg that comes with the stand.  Because the peg is longer than most other stands, it provides added stability for you oboe while on the stand.  It has a snug fit to your oboe – the tip of the peg telescopes up and down – eliminating any sort of wobble whatsoever, and providing an extremely stable platform for your instrument.

The Hercules DS640BB is not expensive either.  You can purchase one at Midwest Musical Imports for only $31.00, well worth the price in protecting your valuable oboe investment.

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