Comings & Goings

Sunday the 5th, I played my first Master Class ever.  Needless to say, there were some truly great young oboists playing at the Cincinnati College- Conservatory of Music that morning.  I wasn’t one of them!  I attempted Arcangelo Corelli’s Sarabande, which I felt I was playing respectfully, but everything fell apart when I took the little stage in Room 3250.  Nervous?  Hell yeah.  It wasn’t my shining moment, but I learned a few things from the experience.  And I bought some spiffy new reed thread and shaped cane.

This week sees me return to sacred music, as I play a hymn prelude to Evensong Service at the Community of Transfiguration in their Oratory.  This was to have taken place a few weeks ago, but I had to cancel and then things did not work out for a bit.  But we’re a go for Wednesday.  Lots of practice tomorrow!

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