New Oboist Book

Outside of Laila Storch’s book about the great late Tabuteau or Blair Tindall’s “Mozart in the Jungle,” there aren’t many tell-alls written by oboists. I’d say classically-trained, which is what Marcia Butler calls herself – and is – but is there any other kind of oboist? Besides myself?  Ah…. no.

theskinabovemyknee_600pxMarcia Butler, an oboist for 25 years in the wonderfully creative climate of New York, is releasing her book, “The Skin Above My Knee – A Memoir,” later this month. Reviewed in the New York Times, it details her relationship with her manipulative and abusive father, her foundation in oboe, and her career in 1970’s New York City.  It sounds like a great read, I’ve ordered it, and will provide a review at a later date.  Here is the link to Ms. Butler’s personal site.  Ms. Butler retired from playing in 2008 and is now an interior designer.

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