My Oboe Library

I thought it might be helpful to share my pedagogical oboe library.  I’ve managed to amass a few books related to oboe study and practice, and they are listed here.  One day I’ll perhaps get around to reviewing them, but I can say that Martin Schuring’s book is perhaps the standard at the moment.

Oboe Technique, Third Edition  by Evelyn Rothwell ~ an excellent primer.

Marcel Tabuteau by Laila Storch. ~ though a biography, it is loaded with pointers from the master himself.  Has an appendix on his famous numbering system.

Sounds in Motion by Bruce McGill ~ great phrasing technique book, I highly recommend.

Oboe Secrets by Jacqueline LeClair – features 75 of her tips for better performance.

Oboe: Art and Method by Martin Schuring ~ perhaps the definitive work at this time.

The Art of Oboe Playing by Robert Sprenkle and David Ledet.

I should point out that these are my books related to oboe play and technique.  I have several others that pertain to reed-making!

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