Legere Synthetic Oboe Reed – American

Coming soon!  I checked in with Legere Reeds Ltd. of Canada the other day to discover what the latest is on their synthetic oboe reed with the American scrape – they released a logoEuropean scrape last year – and they advised that it will be coming soon, like this year!  Last year, they were challenged in developing a double reed and this one in particular,  as it is a longer scrape than the Euro:

These reeds are manufactured in an entirely different way compared to the singles so while we were able to make them in the past, we could never do so in a way that was actually profitable. These developments were almost entirely ironed out by the time we released the oboe reed in June but there has still been a lot of work in making sure reeds are completely reproducible….(but) the foundation has been built for easy American Scrape development.

Today, Legere updated me about the American scrape reed through Messenger:

lot’s of progress! We are in testing and fine tuning right now. We could reasonably release the reed today with no other changes, but there are still improvements we’d like to make. It will almost certainly be announced in the summer, but there should be some prototype images published soon!

Legere also committed to send me a prototype for testing and review right here on Sacred Oboe!  It will be quite exciting to get this new reed and try it out.

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