Oboe Camp 2017

After mulling over study opportunities this summer, including being accepted as a volunteer for IDRS 2017 and considering going back to YSU for the Oboe Week, I’ve decided to attend the 2017 Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon Camp.  Organized by Double or Nothing Reeds, it will be held for a week in July at Wright State University.  Dr. Melissa Feilhauer, part of Double or Nothing, was my first Oboe teacher, so that will make it more fun!  I’m also particularly interested in the prospect of attending Wight State’s School of Music, and their Oboe teacher will be participating in the Camp.  I’m going to be a day camper, so no boarding of my kiddies and extra expenses, which actually was prohibitive for me to attend IDRS.  It should be lots of fun!  I’ll be sure to post a review of the Camp as the days unfold.

Last year, I attended a week-long in-resident camp at Youngstown State University called the Midwest Oboe Camp.  It was an amazing experience, playing all day long, most days until 10pm, working with others for the first time in a chamber group, and getting personal instruction from Dr. Mark Ostoich of Cincinnati’s Conservatory of Music.  I think it’s good practice to see others perform and work with other teachers, so I’m happy with my change in camps this year.

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