Oboe Method Books

I thought I might share the method books that I am using for my learning process.  Most are I am assuming pretty well-known:

Rubank Elementary Oboe Method by Hovey – the first book I started with, teaches the basics…

Rubank Intermediate Oboe Method by Skornicka and Koebner – currently using…

Foundations for Superior Performance: Warm-ups and Technique for Band by Williams and King…

Studies and Melodious Etudes for Oboe, Level I by Edlefsen – a really great book full of
some really fun and challenging stuff to play.  One of my favorites…

Pares Scales for Oboe by Pares…  broken down by scale, a good practice method book…

40 Rhythmical Studies for Oboe by Yaus – just starting to use….

One thing that I’ve begun to do is to create a compendium of methodology – I purchased a music-sized loose-leaf binder and sleeve pages, and have put together sections of music to work on, firstly by scales.  As I find something of interest I wish to keep long-term, I will add it to my Method repertoire.

A couple of other books I have but have not used much or at all yet include:

48 Studies for Oboe by Ferling…

Practical and Progressive Oboe Method by Andraud… includes reed-making

Barret Oboe Method by Boosey & Hawkes… the definitive guide

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