Hoping for College

For me, the next step is college.  Or at least I am hoping and praying that everything works out that I might be able to attend.  My vision is to be back at university full-time, on campus, studying music and playing at least three hours daily, without distraction and totally absorbed in my studies.  It is a dream I have.  And, at 54, a bit of a challenge.

So, I have begun to move things in that direction.  Recently I’ve applied to two colleges in Ohio, after carefully reviewing many schools both in and out of state.  I’ve decided to stay in Ohio mostly to take advantage of the resident tuition rates, but also because there are some quality instrumental programs in-state. What I considered were the music schools, their programs, campus, and especially the instructors.  Experience and learning was especially important to me.  Also in the mix were tuition rates and, my ability to be accepted into a particular program.  Being a realist, I had no doubts of my chances being non-existent at getting into CCM for example.

I came up with three colleges of choice, and had originally intended to apply to all three, but chose to apply to only two of them.  I may consider the third, but one seems to be evolving as the place I will land.  My original first choice unfortunately is constrained by studio size, and cannot guarantee me a spot in their oboe studio in January.  Based upon meeting with the second college, it has now become my first choice, and I love everything about the school. from its professor to its program to the studios.  I can foresee myself virtually living in the music building for the next three years!  And loving it!  I also have close friends in the area, and we can continue to play ensemble together.

I’m now in the process of gathering my transcripts and other information, and then will be awaiting decisions, well really one decision.  I should have about 50 credits to transfer and satisfy all my core requirements and electives. Then the most important next step will be financial aid.  There remains for me many things that need to come together to make this all work.  I am hoping to live on-campus in adult housing, and therefore gain the total experience of attending college once again, and because of the immersion, I wholeheartedly believe that my oboe playing will thrive.

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