More Music…

Today, I received an email containing two pieces that I need to prepare for Oboe Camp I’m attending at Wright State in July.  One is Study No. 11, which can be found in “48 Studies for Oboe, Op.31,” by Franz Wilhelm Ferling.  The second is an Solo Excerpt from a Violin Concerto composed by Johannes Brahms.  I honestly wouldn’t have thought a year ago that I’d be playing pieces of music written by the likes of Brahms, Dvorak, or Copeland.  It’s pretty cool actually, and I am truly finding happiness in my instrumental progression.  I’ve got a long way to go, but I think I’m making some good progress.

Where I started off in Rubank’s Elementary Method, I’m now using “40 Rhythmical Studies” by Grover Yaus, and have started greater work in Albert Andraud’s “Practical and Progressive Oboe Method.”  Rhythm still continues to be my weakness, and frankly I hate the metronome and hence do not work with it as I should be doing.  I also need to work technically and increase the speed with which I play passages, especially eighth notes… so a continual work in progress as it goes.  But.. it’s been a year about about three months since I first picked up an oboe.

Inn other music notes, I am also working on Arcangelo Corelli’s “Sarabande,” while searching for a counterpoint piece to play for my audition in the fall.  That and my scale work, today being Ab Major…. yes, four flats… fun.  So it’s not that I am suffering for things to play.

2 thoughts on “More Music…

  1. After just reading pretty much all of your blog posts, I wanted to say what a marvelous thing you are doing and encourage you in all of your musical endeavors. I am an amateur oboist, living and playing in the Raleigh, NC area. Many years ago, I earned a music performance degree in oboe, then life intervened and I did not play the oboe for 36 years!! Ouch!!! At a church service on Easter of 2015, there was an oboe player at my church and hence, the journey (God inspired, I believe) started of resuming playing the oboe. It has been a marvelous gift! There are SO many things you wrote about in your blog that I could understand and relate to. The notion of doing something different than what everyone else does, for one. I just bought a used oboe d’amore, before even having an English horn, because, hey lots of oboe players have English horns, lol, but not so many have a d’amore. I have totally enjoyed your blog, can’t believe I had not come upon it before, and will subscribe for your future posts. Much good luck and well wishes with everything oboe and musical. Perhaps it is fitting I stumbled upon your blog today, July 2nd, this being the birthday of the one and only, great Marcel Tabuteau!!


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