One Step Closer

About ten days ago, I received the news that I was accepted to Wright State University for a degree in music.  Step One completed.  This past week, I took the next step of applying to the School of Music, and in the fall, likely November, I will be required to play an audition.  That is Step Two of the college plan.  Step Three will begin with a visit to the WSU Financial Aid Advisory Office to determine how much aid I can obtain, grants and/or loans.  Each step of this journey, pass or fail, seems so much like my life right now.  It is a struggle to play, even in the shadow of potentially achieving that next step of going off to college full-time, and simply just living oboe.

Next week, the 10th through the 14th, I’m attending Oboe Camp at Wright State, a program held by Double or Nothing Reeds.  Unlike last year, I’ll be commuting every day, and a few days will be interrupted by having to work an afternoon shift.  But it should be good fun, and a learning experience with Dr, Melissa Feilhauer and my teacher, Katherine deGruchy.  There will be Masterclasses to play, for which I’ve been assigned the Brahms Violin Concerto’s Second Movement oboe solo, and also a Barret etude, my first experience with both.  Consequently, I need to really practice this week and try to master both pieces.

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