About Me

My name is Keri McDonnell, and  m15726893_1270291393009230_3636238907969034345_ny newfound passion is music performance.  Music has always been central to my life, and I’ve always wished to master an instrument.

In February of 2016, I picked up the oboe for the very first time.  People ask what got me interested in oboe, and frankly it was watching the Amazon series, Mozart in the Jungle, that triggered my interest.  I began to look at used instruments, bought a bang-up Selmer, and looked for a teacher.

I began learning the oboe with Dr. Melissa Feilhauer and Dr. Peggy Grant, and currently study with Katherine deGruchy, who plays with the Dayton Philharmonic and studied with John Mack.  I’ve participated in Master Classes with: Dr. Mark Ostoich, CCM; Dr. Andrea Ridilla, Miami University; Dwight Parry, Cincinnati Symphony; Scott Bell, Pittsburgh Symphony, and; Dr. Stephen Caplan, Las Vegas Philharmonic.  I have had some private tutoring with Petrea Warneck and Lisa Sayre.  I feel a calling to a ministry of music, what I call “sacred oboe,” and to that end I played Wednesday evening services at Our Saviour Episcopal Church in Cincinnati.

Recent Performances:
~ January 20, 2017 – Funeral Service, Community of the Transfiguration, Glendale
~ January 9, 2017- Epiphany Service, St. Anne’s Episcopal Church, West Chester
~ Advent 2016- Church of Our Saviour, an Episcopal church in Cincinnati
~ December 22, 2016- Longest Night Service, St. Anne’s Episcopal Church, West Chester

I also love to write, and it is my hope to one day be published, whether a novel or my poetry and photographs.  I am also presently working on a memoir of my life; I think it would be quite interesting!